Car Organization Hacks

Although, I don’t have a vehicle of my own here are some ideas on how to tidy up yours.


  • Use cupcake holders to keep your cup holders clean from crumbs and dirt. If normal paper ones don’t suffice you can use rubber cupcake holders.
  • You can also use circular cut outs of cork board to do the same.
  • Another idea for your cup holders if you want to store cash or coins take a circular mint container and place your choice of paper to camouflage it so nobody knows.
  • This may be common sense to most people but for those who don’t know the best way to put on a bumper sticker is to clean the surface that you want the bumper sticker to go with water and make sure its dry before placing it on the car.
  • Do you not have enough cup holders in your vehicle? Then get a shower caddy and place your drinks in there.
  • For those who need a trash can in their vehicle just get a gift bag with handles. Then, place a command strip where you want the makeshift trash bag to go and hand it from the trash bag and you can place a grocery bag inside the gift bag. Voila!
  • Does your phone ever fall down that crack? Here is a fix to that situation roll up a dish towel or two and push then into the crack to block dropping items into the abyss.
  • Do you hate it when you place your purse in the passenger seat or back seat and when you stop short every thing falls out. Truly frustrating! Get yourself a carabiner clip and attach it to one of the poles on the headrest and hang a purse, bag, umbrella, etc.
  • Do you want to just make one trip with the groceries? Here is the perfect solution. Get a bungee cord to go across the trunk or back seat. Thread the bungee cord through the handles of the grocery bags attach the cord to each side of the car. I also helps the groceries stay in place. Then when you get home detach the cord and  connect both ends of the bungee cord and carry them in ONE TRIP.
  • Are your chargers all over the place and getting tangled just take your cord wrap it around a pencil and put a blow dryer on it to make the charger coil and take up less room in your care and make it accessible for your charging needs.

That’s all I have. I hope these helped to make your life easier in the cheapest way.

Love, Livvy


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