No Make Up?

Hello sunshine! Have you ever been told “You don’t need to wear that much make up” or “You should try so make up”? Because I sure have in middle school and freshman year of high school I was obsessed with makeup. However, sophomore year I gave away half of my make up collection and started to wear less and towards the end of junior year I didn’t wear any but mascara and did my eyebrows. 

If you want to wear make up then wear it like a boss. If you don’t want to be then basket in the glory of being bare faced. 

You decide what you think looks best. And there is nothing wrong with experimenting either. 

This post is meant to help you understand that whomever discourages your decision on the choice of how you style your face should effect you and I want you to know you are absolutely beautiful no matter what. 

Love, Livvy


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