Stress Relievers

Have you ever been stressed out at school or work and you can’t seem to get the headache tans stress to go away well I have two absolutely amazing stress relievers that are sure to help. 

Orbeez are harmless jelly balls that you place in water to keep ‘jellified’ and I suggest getting two buckets one forenyour hands and one for your feet. Especially if you have a desk job were you have to sit for hours you can soak your feet in the orbeez to relief stress. 


A Glitter Stick this is perfect stress reliever that you can stick in your bag, purse, or pocket and play with it when you start to get stressed out. It’s pretty and shiny! 

I hope these will help!

Love, Livvy


One comment

  1. I have seen those glitter sticks and yes, they do help with stress. I was so mesmerised when I held one. The Orbeez look fun, but they do like something that would be awkward to dispose of.

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