How To: Be A Morning Person

Now, I know most people don’t enjoy waking up at dawn to get to school or work. That’s completely understandable, but here are some tips on how to not completely hate it.

  1. Get. Enough. Sleep. Duh. Going to bed at a reasonable time will help combat that groggy feeling when you wake up. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep has a multitude of benefactors to your health. Trust me, just google it. 
  2. Make a breakfast you look forward to eating. 
  3. You can splash cold water on your face or place cold spoons underneath your eyes to help feel more awake. 
  4. Train your body to wake up at a certain time. Personally I used an alarm clock for about 4-5 weeks set at a specific time and after that time period I would naturally wake up either at that time or earlier. 
  5. Enjoy being up before everyone else and soaking in the morning. 
  6. This is also a perfect time to stretch or do some yoga to wake up you body. 
  7. Make the bed. Or else you’re going to want to jump right back in. 
  8. Drink lots of fluids to wake up your system. I recommend water or a green juice to start off with. 
  9. A bonus of being up before everyone else is you get to be with your thoughts and listen to your music. 
  10. If you hate waking up to an alarm just set your favorite song to be your alarm when you wake up. 

I hope these little tips helped! 

Love, Livvy


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